What tools and functions help make your reps successful, drive business and increase revenue?


Brainworks Software's longtime customer, Adams Publishing Group, is a family-owned community newspaper company that currently operates in 15 states across the United States, plus the District of Columbia. With over 27 daily newspapers, more than 100 non-daily newspapers and a number of other media-related businesses. APG's Business Systems Development Director, Amy Lindquist, shares how she engages APG's sales reps to use Brainworks CRM to its fullest revenue driving potential.

What tools and functions help make your reps successful, drive business and increase revenue?

Comparative reporting by product and gainers and losers is one of the most important tools. Sales reps can use these reports to compare booking current ads to last year's sales, as they are selling a current product, or look at previous year's sales to see who they can re-solicit that they may have not sold or lost last year or in previous years. Managers use comparative reports to help determine goals. Often sales reps and sales managers use these tools together to set their goals.

The reps like the pipeline report to see their goals versus actuals. Now that last year's sales are auto populated in the pipeline, they like to see those compared to their actuals and goals.

The pipeline helps them look ahead as some months fluctuate based on products sold and seasonal businesses. For example, a rep was going on vacation and wanted to sell to all her advertisers for the two weeks she was going to be gone. She used the gauge to track her sales as she booked ads to ensure she had reached her goals before she left for vacation.

Logging activities are very important when there is a territory dispute. It also ensures reps are connecting with customers on a regular basis.

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