What's a good solution to increase digital video revenue and user engagement?


Every publisher I talk with has the same goals: to increase revenue and user engagement. A one-stop solution that I have found is Multipop,  a content delivery platform that enables content, commerce and integrated advertising to be added to digital video across every platform.

Multipop is designed to add new revenue and engagement opportunities during digital video playback by enabling:

  • New native and programmatic advertising.
  • Unique native content marketing and integration.
  • Direct commerce opportunities.

The platform is built for scale with minimal workflow disruption and can be easily distributed across all platforms maximizing audience reach. See the examples below for native ads, branded content and turnkey content solutions:

Native Ads

Branded Content

Turnkey Content Solutions

Steve Smith has 20+ years of experience working with digital media solutions and monetization strategies. He has introduced digital media solutions and strategies to leading media and entertainment companies worldwide including The AJC, TownNews, E.W. Scripps, Lee Enterprises, Disney, Universal Studios, The NFL, AT&T and local media publishers.

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