When to disregard negative criticism 6/28/16

By Jules Ciotta

It's important to remember that not all criticism is valid. To benefit from negative feedback, you must learn to appraise criticism and decide whether to act on it. Otherwise, you may react to every negative comment and end up adopting counterproductive habits. Use these criteria to determine how to respond to negative feedback.


Last chance to qualify for FREE copy of SNPA Salary Survey results 5/24/16

All questionnaires for this year's SNPA Salary Survey must be returned to the SNPA office by this Friday, May 27.

Publishers who share data for this important study will receive a benchmarking report the first week of June that looks at salaries and wages of department heads and non-supervisory staff.


Outside sales exemption is constitutional 4/19/16

By L. Michael Zinser, The Zinser Law Firm

Ohio Supreme Court upholds a minimum wage amendment in the Ohio Constitution that states, in pertinent part, that "employer," "employee," "person" and "independent contractor" all have the same meanings as they do under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

While not specifically discussing this case, federal law also excludes from the Wage and Hour Law individuals who deliver newspapers to the consumer. The same exclusion should also apply under Ohio law.


Meet the NEX GEN class of 2015-16 9/1/15

Read bios of 2015-16 NEX GEN participants.


Eight executives selected for 2015-16 9/1/15

Eight executives from SNPA member newspapers have been selected to participate in SNPA's 2015-16 NEX GEN class. They will be paired with experienced industry experts in a structured mentorship program.

Read about the executives who will participate as members of the 2015-16 NEX GEN class.


New approach can turn classifieds back into gold 7/2/13

By Bill Ostendorf, Creative Circle Media Solutions

Instead of bemoaning the loss of old categories in classifieds, a strategy of developing new categories has turned into significant print classified revenue growth at the Times-Herald Record in Middletown, N.Y.


What works for McDonald's, works for classifieds, too 6/27/13

Bill Ostendorf, Creative Circle Media Solutions

Stealing the value meal concept from McDonald's and the "Have it your way" slogan from Burger King, Creative Circle created some winning house ads for several of its classified redesign clients that saved time in the call center and increased upsell sales at the same time.


The Pilot announces four major changes to newspaper, website 5/7/13

By David Woronoff, publisher, The Pilot, Southern Pines, N.C.

Four major changes have been announced at The Pilot: publishing frequency, new and improved websites, a paid subscription model and a building renovation.


Become the go-to vendor for local print products 4/24/13

By Sean Ireland, Special to the SNPA eBulletin

Local governments outsource printing. The sheriff's office, emergency management center and local schools may be ripe sources of revenue for your newspaper.


Pediment Publishing helps newspapers increase revenue 3/5/13

By Sean Ireland, Special to the SNPA eBulletin

If you think producing pictorial books will be a huge burden on your production staff, you're wrong. Let Pediment Publishing show you how easy it can be to earn added revenue.